General provisions on rates

General provisions on rates and use of cable cars, ski lifts and ski slopes of Murtal Seilbahnen Betriebs GmbH

  1. The general provisions on rates and use of cable cars, ski lifts and ski slopes, the published price tables, and the officially approved terms of transportation as posted in the area of the valley station are an integral part of the contractual relationship between the cable car company and the customer. By purchasing a ski pass, the customer acknowledges these provisions and undertakes to comply with them.
  2. Everyone who uses the cable cars, ski lifts and ski slopes, including all the facilities on offer, must have purchased a valid ski pass.
  3. a. By purchasing a name-registered season pass, the customer agrees to the automatic registration of his/her personal data. The customer agrees that this data is electronically recorded and processed for control purposes to prevent misuse of the ski pass and for customer service purposes.
    b. By purchasing/acquiring a ski pass, the customer agrees to personal photographic recording, storage and processing at the ski pass issuing points and access points for control purposes to prevent misuse of the ski pass, whereby this data will be deleted upon expiry of the validity period of the ski pass if the pass is used in accordance with the contract. Customers who do not wish to submit to photographic recording must state this of their own accord; in such cases, the respective customer will be issued with a ski pass that excludes photographic recording. Customers who opt for this type of ski pass must expect both delays in the issuing of ski passes and regular analogue checks at the access points of the cable cars/ski lift facilities.
  4. Ski passes are not transferable and are issued on electronic data carriers. A key card deposit of €3 must be paid for electronic data carriers (key cards) issued at the lift ticket offices. The key card deposit paid at the lift ticket offices will be refunded in full when the functional and undamaged key card is returned.
  5. All key cards are automatically checked at the access points equipped with electronic control systems.
  6. Ski passes must be presented to the respective control persons for visual inspection during random checks throughout the ski area. The control persons are authorised to confiscate ski passes that have been misused.
  7. Anyone who uses a transportation service with cable cars and/or ski lift facilities as well as ski slopes without a valid ski pass is liable to prosecution under Austrian law. Violations will be punished with a fine (as a contractual penalty) of at least €50 and payment of the value of a day ski pass at full price or with a report to the public prosecutor’s office for criminal prosecution.
  8. Misuse of ski passes, such as unauthorised passing on, will result in the withdrawal of the entitlement without replacement and exclusion from the transportation/ski area. Misuse will be punished with a fine (as a contractual penalty) of at least €50 per calendar day and payment of the value of a day ski pass at full price or with a report to the public prosecutor’s office for criminal prosecution. The attempt to transfer a ski pass to another person is already considered misuse.
  9. There is no contractual liability for injuries or other damage to persons who are in the ski area without a valid ski pass.
  10. For reasons of customer safety, the cable car company reserves the right to limit sales and/or transportation due to weather or operating conditions. The customer shall not be entitled to a replacement ski pass if it is lost, stolen or forgotten. If the cable car/lift transportation is prevented for reasons for which the cable car company is responsible, the rate will be refunded in full for single-ride tickets and in part for multi-day ski passes, namely proportionally taking into account the days of operation not yet used. Machine breakage, power failure and similar situations are considered force majeure and do not entitle the customer to any rate refunds.
  11. Each ski pass only confers the right to use the cable cars/ski lift facilities and ski slopes in operation in accordance with the autonomous decision by the cable car company. No customer therefore has a right to the availability of all cable cars/ski lift facilities and slopes, as meteorological, technical and operational circumstances in particular will determine availability. As a result, the customer submits to the operating restrictions imposed by the cable car company as part of customer safety. Refunds can only be requested in the event of a sports injury in the ski area, upon presentation of a medical certificate from a local doctor/hospital and immediate deposit of the ski pass at one of the lift ticket offices. The cable car company decides autonomously on such requests; the customer therefore has no legal claim to a refund. From the outset, the proportion of the refund can only be based on the purchase value and the duration of use of a ski pass. In any case, no refunds will be granted for ski pass entitlements valid for up to one day.
  12. In the event of a closure ordered by the legislature or an authority (e.g. as a result of a pandemic), every customer shall be entitled to a refund of the ski pass rate from the cable car company, subject to the following conditions: For day ski passes or hourly ski passes, the rate will only be refunded if the operation is closed before the ski pass becomes valid and the ski pass can therefore not be used for at least one ascent. For multi-day ski passes, the procedure is as follows: for a 5-day ski pass that could be used on 3 days, the difference between the 5-day ski pass and the 3-day ski pass will be refunded. The customer therefore pays for a 3-day ski pass.
    For season ski passes, the ratio between operating days on the one hand and days lost due to closures on the other is calculated based on the total operating days of the respective season. The paid ski pass rate will be refunded according to this ratio.
  13. Customers who are children up to the height of 125cm may only use chairlifts and T-bar lifts if accompanied by a supervising person, unless otherwise stipulated in the facility-specific official conditions of transportation. Customers who have reached the age of 15 may assist children (regardless of their height) by allowing them to travel in front of them if they are responsible and experienced in using T-bar lifts. It is forbidden to carry small children on T-bar lifts. In all other respects, the conditions of transportation of the respective lift apply.
  14. Separate tickets for pedestrians are only valid for pedestrians being transported without winter sports equipment. Pedestrians are not allowed on ski slopes. Tobogganing is not permitted on ski slopes.
  15. Customers with a proven disability with a reduced earning capacity of 70% or more receive ski passes at reduced rates (except for already reduced rates).
  16. The rules of conduct of the International Ski Federation (FIS) apply without restriction. Reckless behaviour or other gross violations of these rules of conduct or the general provisions on rates and conditions of transportation entitle the cable car company to withdraw the authorisation without compensation and may result in criminal prosecution.
  17. For rescue/transport after accidents in the ski area, the customer affected by the rescue/transport must pay the lump sum of €168.00 incl. VAT, which is reset annually.
  18. The ski slopes are closed daily from 5pm to 8am and may not be entered or skied on during this time. During this closure period, the cable car company does not provide any hazard protection. There is a risk of injury from slope grooming, winch ropes, snow production and exposed cables and hoses (to list a few of the possible dangers).
  19. The free accessibility of the forest requires a special sense of responsibility and obliges everyone to protect it. According to the Austrian Forest Act, skiing with winter sports equipment in the forest and in the area of ski lifts is only permitted on marked pistes or ski routes. It is forbidden to enter farmed forest areas below 3m tree height and to throw away waste of any kind. Any violations will result in a report being made under the Austrian Forest Act/Waste Management Act and the ski pass authorisation being withdrawn without compensation.
  20. The parking areas provided by the cable car company may only be used by customers with a purchased ski pass and only from 8am to 8pm. Vehicles parked contrary to this regulation may be subject to a wheel clamp by the cable car company. A lump-sum fee of €50.00/calendar day is payable for the placement and removal of the clamp.

Information as of: 7 November 2023