Hits for Kids


Right by the gondola lift mountain terminal you switch from your skis or snowboard to the “tube” and whizz down the mountainside on one of the three carefully secured slopes. After the counter slope brings you to a gentle stop you take the comfortable tubing lift back up to the start. This is a fantastic experience!

Dinosaur Park

Right by the Kreischi lift you can go into the pine forest and enter the world of the dinosaurs. But don’t worry – the dinosaurs on the Kreischberg are good-natured monsters.

Yabaa Dabba Doo-Land

Up you go to see Fred, Barney and Wilma! The Flintstones await you at the “Sun” lifts mountain terminal.

A Skiing Start for the Little Ones

Where else are first turns in the snow so easy to learn than on the Kreischberg? The little ones start in “Children’s World” with its magic carpet, baby lift and mini-mogul. Afterwards, parents and children meet up at the Kreischi lift!