Fun & Action


The Kreischberg offers you even more fun! In addition to skiing and snowboarding on 40 km of pistes, the choice of many other activities is the proverbial “icing on the cake” to a day of skiing on the Kreischberg.
Tubing is simply a “must” for people of all ages at the gondola lift mountain terminal. You whizz about 200 m down the mountainside on a snow tube along three secured slopes and are brought to a gentle halt by a counter slope. A comfortable tubing lift takes you back up to the top.

Price per ride: €1.

Permanent Racecourse

On the permanent racecourse you can try out your racing skills, the time it takes you to negotiate the 20 poles or so is automatically measured. Price per ride: €1.

Speed Course

Life accelerates on the speed course: your speed is measured on a steep slope which is about 100 m long. This is a superb opportunity for you to stage a “speed contest” with friends. Incidentally, speeds of over 80 km/h have been measured here… use of the speed course is free!